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Dr. M Ashfaq Ali, Senior Scientist

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Name: Dr. M Ashfaq Ali

Job Title: Senior Scientist

Hi, my name is Ash and I work at Lhasa Limited as a Senior Scientist.

I obtained a BSc in medicinal chemistry in 1997 at the University of Leeds and then followed this up with a PhD at the same institution. My PhD research entailed the design and synthesis of ligands for G-protein coupled receptors, using the computer program SPROUT. This concept of designing and synthesising de novo ligands with the aid of computational methods really appealed to me and I subsequently undertook a two year post-doctoral research position with Professor Rayner in 2001. Here I explored the use of supercritical carbon dioxide as a newer and cleaner reaction solvent for pharmaceutical synthesis.

I eventually joined Lhasa in the summer of 2003 and worked on the skin sensitisation endpoint on the Derek software (now Derek Nexus). I have since continued to work within the core knowledge team and have played a pivotal role in developing the Meteor knowledge base to produce what is now Meteor Nexus. I also work on the Zeneth software where I transcribe forced degradation chemistry into the Zeneth knowledge base. Other projects I continue to work on include ToxML where I promote the adoption of a well-structured electronic standard for the exchange of toxicological information.

When I am not at work I enjoy motor sport, like to go cycling and also dabble in home interior design. I also love spending time with my family and friends.

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