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Anne-Laure Werner, Scientist

Name: Anne-Laure Werner

Job Title: Scientist

Hi, I’m Anne-Laure and I work in the Science team at Lhasa Limited. After gaining a MSc degree in Toxicology (DEA, University of Medicine Rene Descartes, Paris V, France, 2001) and a MSc degree in Environmental Toxicology (DEA, University of Metz, France, 2002), I worked for around 6 years as a research scientist on different ecotoxicological research projects investigating micropollutant fate and toxic effects. In parallel to my work in research laboratories, I gained solid experience as a teaching assistant, training and supervising students during biochemistry and analytical chemistry tutorials as part of their BSc or MSc degree.

I joined the science team at Lhasa Limited in 2010 and have since been involved in expanding the data coverage of various endpoints within the Vitic toxicity database. I am also largely involved in various data sharing projects: Excipients, Intermediates, Aromatic Amines and MIP-DILI, handling proprietary and confidential data, performing additional research and analysis upon consortium members’ request, and encouraging sharing within a trusted environment.

I am currently project leader for the Aromatic Amines data sharing initiative, which aims to improve the understanding and predictability of the Ames test outcome for primary aromatic amines.

In addition to my involvement in data sharing projects, my day-to-day work aims to ensure our databases meet the needs of our users and that the datasets we provide are of the highest quality. In order to achieve this, my role includes literature review, data extraction and curation, peer review and database maintenance.

In addition to my role in Lhasa Limited, for 5 years I spent my Saturday mornings as, a French teacher in a complementary school*. This required a great dose of patience, humour and creativity to transmit my love for the French language and culture to pupils aged 4 to 10.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, especially if it involves a lovely meal. I love traveling and learning about foreign customs and traditions. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, reading, watching films and when the weather allows it, hiking and landscape photography. I am also passionate about creating photographic memories, capturing priceless moments and emotions, for that reason you will rarely meet me without my camera…

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Complementary schools are voluntary organisations that support mother tongue learning. Also known as community language schools or supplementary schools, these classes usually take place at weekends or in the evenings and bilingual children and young people attend these schools in addition to their mainstream school.

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