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Dr. Andrea Sartini, Scientist

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Name: Dr. Andrea Sartini

Job Title: Scientist

My name is Andrea and I joined Lhasa in October 2014 as a scientist. Prior to this, I studied at the University of Bologna (Italy) where I gained a Master’s degree in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology including the pre-registration pharmacist training. Following my studies, I spent two years at the University of Bologna (Italy) as a research fellow in computational chemistry focusing on structure and ligand-based virtual screening protocols. Finally, I obtained a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Leeds (UK) where I worked on a Medicinal Chemistry project involving computational design and synthesis of enzymatic inhibitors.

After my PhD I wanted to expand my knowledge in toxicology and metabolism applied to computational methodologies. Working at Lhasa seemed the ideal place to apply my background knowledge and to develop new skills. In addition, I strongly believe that Lhasa’s vision and values offered me the possibility of genuinely contributing toward public benefit in a very stimulating, friendly and collaborative working environment. In my role as a knowledge scientist I am involved in the development of predictive scientific software systems. Since I started, I have had the opportunity to learn more about skin sensitisation, in-vitro mutagenicity and hERG-related drug toxicity. Moreover, I enjoyed developing skills in data analytics and QSAR/QSPR techniques. Currently I am doing a secondment in Data Science and I am definitely enthusiastic about this new opportunity.

When I am not at work, I love playing music in a couple of music bands (West-African and Afro-Cuban percussions), cooking and eating Mediterranean food with my wife and a good number of friends. When I am on holiday in warm places, I enjoy sailing with my father and scuba diving.

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