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Dr. Adrian Fowkes, Head of Toxicology

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Name: Dr. Adrian Fowkes

Job Title: Head of Toxicology

Hi, my name is Adrian and I began my computational toxicology journey when I joined Lhasa as a scientist in 2013 to support the evolution of our in silico solutions.

My background is in organic chemistry and its interface with biology, which I became interested in during my undergraduate studies. I pursued these interests by undertaking a PhD and a postdoc in chemical biology, focusing my research on the synthesis of selective ligands for a range of biological targets whilst also developing high-throughput assays and receptor-based models. This background has provided me with a strong foundation of chemistry and biology, but also the development and application of tools which enable decision making with respect to compound development.

Since joining Lhasa, I have been able to continue applying my scientific interests and skills to a range of challenges in toxicology. This has included developing new approaches based on adverse outcome pathway frameworks and exploring new ways of data sharing through federated learning. As personal development is highly encouraged at Lhasa, I’ve been able to expand my cheminformatic and data science toolbox through a number of projects. I enjoy the collaborative atmosphere at Lhasa, where talented teams deliver solutions that enable our members to make better decisions during chemical safety assessments. My drive for innovation and collaboration has taken me to the position of Head of Toxicology in 2022, where my role is to shape the strategic direction of our science and create environment where research and collaborations can excel.

Outside of work I enjoy being cycling and attempting to make music through a variety of instruments.


View some of Adrian's publications in our online library. 

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