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Determination of compound-specific acceptable daily intakes for 11 mutagenic carcinogens used in pharmaceutical synthesisMarch 2013
Biotransformation Pathways of Biocides and Pharmaceuticals in Freshwater CrustaceansFebruary 2013Meteor Nexus
Use of Novel Atomic Fragment Based DescriptorsJanuary 2013Derek NexusMeteor Nexus
Food for thought - A toxicology ontology roadmapDecember 2012Derek Nexus
Derek Knowledge Editor 2.0 Installation GuideDecember 2012pdf fileDerek Nexus
Derek Knowledge Editor 2.0 Release Notes.pdfDecember 2012pdf fileDerek Nexus
Drug metabolism in silico – the knowledge-based expert system approach. Historical perspectives and current strategiesNovember 2012Meteor Nexus
Assessing confidence in predictions made by knowledge-based systemsSeptember 2012Derek Nexus
Latest advances in computational genotoxicity predictionSeptember 2012Derek Nexus
In silico methods combined with expert knowledge rule out mutagenic potential of pharmaceutical impurities: An industry surveyApril 2012
Inroads to Predict in Vivo Toxicology - An Introduction to the eTOX ProjectMarch 2012ETOXVitic Nexus
Expert Systems - The Use of Expert Systems in Drug Design-Toxicity and MetabolismJanuary 2012Derek NexusMeteor Nexus
The application of SARs to the prediction of the mutagenic activity of chemicalsJanuary 2012Derek Nexus
Use of Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) Evaluation as a Critical Tool in the Evaluation of the Genotoxic Potential of ImpuritiesJanuary 2011
The in silico prediction of human-specific metabolites from hepatotoxic drugsOctober 2010Meteor Nexus
Developing Structure-Activity Relationships for the Prediction of HepatotoxicityJune 2010Derek NexusMIP DILI
An in Silico Method for Predicting Ames Activities of Primary Aromatic AminesJanuary 2010Derek Nexus
Using In Silico Tools in a Weight of Evidence Approach to Aid Toxicological AssessmentJanuary 2010Derek Nexus
Technetium-binding in labelled HYNIC-peptide conjugates: Role of coordinating amino acidsJuly 2009
99mTc-HYNIC-Gastrin Peptides: Assisted Coordination of 99mTc by Amino Acid Side Chains Results in Improved Performance Both In Vitro and In VivoMarch 2009
Codes of Practice.pdfDecember 2008pdf file
A technetium intermediate specifically promotes deprotection of trifluoroacetyl HYNIC during radiolabelling under mild conditionsApril 2008
How do HYNIC-conjugated peptides bind technetium? Insights from LC-MS and stability studiesApril 2007
Trifluoroacetyl-HYNIC peptides: synthesis and 99mTc radiolabelingFebruary 2007
Memorandum of Association.pdfJune 2006pdf file

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