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Observations on the Pharma's Industry Convergence toward CloudDecember 2017pdf file
Organising data and knowledge to support the identification of chemicals with endocrine disruption potentialApril 2019pdf file
Performance of Derek Nexus’ In Silico EC3 Model for Predicting Dermal Sensitization PotencyMarch 2017pdf fileDerek Nexus
Permissable Exposures Without DataMay 2018pdf file
Perspectivas Regulatórias sobre a Qualificação de Produtos de Degradação e ImpurezasJune 2018pdf file
Phenyltrifluoroborate - Positive - Out Of DomainAugust 2016Derek NexusSarah Nexus
Phosphite esters: a novel class of contact allergenApril 2017
Plans for Setaria - Incorporating Setaria into the Pfizer WorkflowMarch 2018pdf fileSetaria
Potential impurities in drug substances: Compound-specific toxicology limits for 20 synthetic reagents and by-products, and a class-specific toxicology limit for alkyl bromidesFebruary 2018
Potentially Mutagenic Impurities (PMIs): Optimizing Toxicological and Analytical AssessmentsJuly 2014
Potentially mutagenic impurities: Analysis of structural classes and carcinogenic potencies of chemical intermediates in pharmaceutical syntheses supports alternative methods to the default TTC...August 2013Derek Nexus
Practical examples of the new metabolism ranking system in Meteor Nexus.pdfNovember 2015pdf fileMeteor Nexus
Practical Implementation of (Q)SAR and Expert Review for Compliance with ICH M7 GuidelinesApril 2016pdf file
Predicting Metabolites - Enhancing An Expert System With Machine Learning.pdfMarch 2015pdf fileMeteor Nexus
Predicting skin sensitisation using a decision tree integrated testing strategy with an in silico model and in chemico/in vitro assaysJanuary 2016Derek Nexus
Predicting skin sensitisation using a decision tree integrated testing strategy with an in silico model and in chemico/in vitro assaysApril 2016pdf fileDerek Nexus
Predicting the Genotoxicity of Allylbenzene Compounds.pdfSeptember 2010pdf fileDerek Nexus
Predicting the Purging of Impurities within an API Synthetic PathwayApril 2016pdf file
Prediction of acute aquatic toxicity in Tetrahymena pyriformisApril 2013
Prediction of acute aquatic toxicity in Tetrahymena pyriformis A knowledge based system approach.pdfJune 2012pdf file
Prediction of genotoxic potential of cosmetic ingredients by an in silico battery system consisting of a combination of an expert rule-based system and a statistics-based systemJanuary 2015Derek Nexus
Prediction of microvesicular liver steatosis: Read-across case study with VPA analoguesFebruary 2017pdf file
Prediction of the effect of formulation on the toxicity of chemicalsOctober 2016
Prediction of water solubility of organic compounds using Lhasa in-house descriptorsSeptember 2018pdf file
Predictive Toxicology: Using In Silico SystemsOctober 2019pdf fileDerek NexusSarah Nexus

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