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Mutagenic Impurities: Precompetitive/Competitive Collaborative and Data Sharing InitiativesMay 2015Derek NexusExcipientsIntermediatesMirabilisSarah NexusVitic NexusZeneth
Mutagenic impurities: predicting alerting structures using in silico toolsMarch 2016pdf fileSarah NexusDerek Nexus
Mutagenic Impurity Risk Assessment Purge Tool.pdfMarch 2014pdf fileMirabilis
Mutagenicity assessment strategy for pharmaceutical intermediates to aid limit setting for occupational exposureJanuary 2016Sarah NexusDerek Nexus
Mutagenicity Prediction Using In Silico Methods: Gigabyte-Sized Petri DishesJune 2016pdf fileDerek NexusZenethVitic NexusSarah NexusMirabilisMeteor Nexus
Mutagenicity Predictions using a Statistical SystemJune 2018pdf fileSarah Nexus
Negative Predictions for Skin SensitisationApril 2017Derek Nexus
Negative Predictions for Skin Sensitisation 46th ICGMMarch 2017pdf fileDerek Nexus
Negative Predictions for Skin Sensitisation 47th ICGMOctober 2017pdf fileDerek Nexus
Negative predictions in Derek Nexus.pdfMarch 2014pdf fileDerek Nexus
New structural alerts for Ames mutagenicity discovered using emerging pattern mining techniquesJanuary 2015Derek Nexus
New Structural Alerts for Phospholipidosis.pdfJune 2011pdf fileDerek Nexus
New transparent statistical approaches to toxicity prediction.pdfMarch 2014pdf fileSarah Nexus
Next Generation Zeneth: Software and Science ProposalsMay 2017Zeneth
Nexus 2 - Improved functionality to assist in ICH M7 submissionDecember 2014Derek NexusSarah Nexus
Nexus 2.2: An Overview of Key New Features - Derek and Meteor NexusJanuary 2018Derek NexusMeteor Nexus
Nexus 2.2: An Overview of Key New Features - Sarah NexusJanuary 2018Sarah Nexus
Nothing to report? An in silico fragmentation methodology for making explicit negative predictions of skin sensitisationMay 2017pdf fileDerek Nexus
N-Propyl Triazoline - Positive - NegativeAugust 2016Derek NexusSarah Nexus
Observations on the Pharma's Industry Convergence toward CloudDecember 2017pdf file
Organising data and knowledge to support the identification of chemicals with endocrine disruption potentialApril 2019pdf file
Performance of Derek Nexus’ In Silico EC3 Model for Predicting Dermal Sensitization PotencyMarch 2017pdf fileDerek Nexus
Permissable Exposures Without DataMay 2018pdf file
Perspectivas Regulatórias sobre a Qualificação de Produtos de Degradação e ImpurezasJune 2018pdf file
Phenyltrifluoroborate - Positive - Out Of DomainAugust 2016Derek NexusSarah Nexus

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