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Cheminformatics from end-user perspective: Past, present and futureApril 2016pdf file
Guiding Compound Design in 2,3...N DimensionsApril 2016pdf file
Speeding up and improving the Identification of a potent ß2 agonist as a growth promoter for cattleApril 2016pdf file
Harnessing comprehensive small molecule project data to inform design and decisionsApril 2016pdf file
Effective use of experiment modeling for the capture and analysis of results in DMPK/ADMEApril 2016pdf file
TB Alliance Drug Discovery and Development: Harnessing Global Resources to Address a Global DiseaseApril 2016pdf file
Structure Guided Design and Optimization of Selective Kinase Inhibitors from Fragment Starting PointsApril 2016pdf file
Going from 2D to 3D: The Importance of Visual FeedbackApril 2016pdf file
Practical Implementation of (Q)SAR and Expert Review for Compliance with ICH M7 GuidelinesApril 2016pdf file
Predicting the Purging of Impurities within an API Synthetic PathwayApril 2016pdf file
Evaluation Of The Statistics-Based Ames Mutagenicity Model Sarah Nexus And Interpretation Of The Results ObtainedApril 2016Sarah Nexus
Predicting skin sensitisation using a decision tree integrated testing strategy with an in silico model and in chemico/in vitro assaysApril 2016pdf fileDerek Nexus
Elemental Impurities 2016.1.0 Release NotesApril 2016pdf file
Improvements to in silico predictivity after access to proprietary dataApril 2016Derek Nexus
Mechanistic Expert Call Datasets Support in silico Prediction of Teratogenicity for a Wider Chemical SpaceApril 2016Derek Nexus
Quantitative prediction of skin sensitisation potency based on structural alert spacesApril 2016Derek Nexus
Lhasa Data Sharing Experience at Bristol-Myers SquibbApril 2016pdf fileDerek Nexus
Summation of Toxicity Data in ViticMarch 2016Vitic Nexus
In Silico Drug Degradation Assessment in Early Phase DevelopmentMarch 2016pdf fileZeneth
Using Data to make Predictions in the Risk Assessment of Mutagenic ImpuritiesMarch 2016pdf fileMirabilis
Mutagenic impurities: predicting alerting structures using in silico toolsMarch 2016pdf fileSarah NexusDerek Nexus
A tool for predicting the purging of (potentially) mutagenic impurities during synthesisMarch 2016pdf fileMirabilis
ICH M7 - Worked Examples using the new Nexus workflowMarch 2016pdf fileDerek NexusSarah Nexus
Meteor Nexus: The implementation of the site of metabolism prediction methodologyMarch 2016pdf fileMeteor Nexus
43rd ICGM Product UpdateMarch 2016pdf fileSarah NexusVitic NexusDerek NexusIntermediatesExcipientsMeteor NexusZenethSetaria

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