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Characterisation of data resources for in silico modelling: benchmark datasets for ADME propertiesApril 2017
Phosphite esters: a novel class of contact allergenApril 2017
Mirabilis: Prediction and assessment of purge factors for potentially mutagenic impurities in a chemical processApril 2017pdf fileMirabilis
Negative Predictions for Skin SensitisationApril 2017Derek Nexus
Expert Review of EC3 PredictionsApril 2017Derek Nexus
Carbamates and ICH M7 classification: Making use of expert knowledgeApril 2017Derek NexusSarah Nexus
Lhasa Limited Members MapMarch 2017pdf file
ICH M7 Classification WorkflowMarch 2017pdf fileDerek NexusSarah Nexus
A quantitative in silico model for predicting skin sensitization using a nearest neighbours approach within expert-derived structure–activity alert spacesMarch 2017Derek Nexus
46th ICGM Product Manager UpdateMarch 2017pdf fileDerek NexusMeteor NexusMirabilisSarah NexusSetariaVitic NexusZeneth
Mirabilis: Semi-Automated Prediction of Purge FactorsMarch 2017pdf fileMirabilis
Negative Predictions for Skin Sensitisation 46th ICGMMarch 2017pdf fileDerek Nexus
Workbook: Expert Review of EC3 Predictions - a workshopMarch 2017pdf fileDerek Nexus
eTOXsys - Highly Relevant Proprietary Data and Predictive Models for Drug DiscoveryMarch 2017pdf fileETOX
Continuing the Public Benefit of CPDBMarch 2017pdf file
How important is expert review when measuring EC3 predictions in Derek Nexus?: Alkyl halides - a case studyMarch 2017pdf fileDerek Nexus
Setaria – The New Workflow-Based Intelligent Knowledge Organisation ToolMarch 2017pdf fileSetaria
Developments in Data SharingMarch 2017pdf file
Sarah Confidence and Model Building - The How, What and WhyMarch 2017pdf fileSarah Nexus
Developing Science within LhasaMarch 2017pdf file
Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity Predictions in Derek NexusMarch 2017pdf fileDerek Nexus
Performance of Derek Nexus’ In Silico EC3 Model for Predicting Dermal Sensitization PotencyMarch 2017pdf fileDerek Nexus
Utilization Of Derek Nexus Dermal Sensitization Predictions For Hazard Assessment At Bristol-Myers SquibbMarch 2017pdf fileDerek Nexus
Modeling the Mutagenic Potential of Primary AminesMarch 2017pdf file
The validation of Integrated Testing Strategies for skin sensitisation:March 2017pdf file

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