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Lhasa Knowledge Suite Nexus 2.2 Installation GuideDecember 2017pdf fileDerek NexusMeteor NexusSarah Nexus
Lhasa Knowledge Suite Nexus 2.2 Data Set References for Validation CommentsDecember 2017pdf fileDerek Nexus
Derek Nexus Teratogenicity QMRF.pdfDecember 2017pdf fileDerek Nexus
Observations on the Pharma's Industry Convergence toward CloudDecember 2017pdf file
Progress on Lhasa's Toxicity Information Management SystemNovember 2017pdf fileVitic Nexus
Drug Master File (DMF) Holders Preferred PGI Control Strategy Under ICH M7 in Support of Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDAs)November 2017pdf file
Profilling potential drug-induced hepatotoxicity thorugh modelling molecular initiating events (MIEs)November 2017pdf file
The application of electrochemistry to pharmaceutical stability testing - Comparison with in silico prediction and chemical forced degradation approachesNovember 2017
Interpreting ICH Q11: A Risk Assessment Tool for Assessing Starting Material AcceptabilityNovember 2017
Application of RSM Risk Assessment Tool in MirabilisNovember 2017Mirabilis
Industry Perspective on the Application of Expert Chemical Reasoning in the Evaluation of Potential Mutagenic ImpuritiesNovember 2017pdf file
Making sense of SEND; the Standard for Exchange of Nonclinical DataNovember 2017
What would you do? 47th and 48th ICGMsNovember 2017pdf fileSarah NexusDerek Nexus
Sarah Nexus: The Statistical System for ICH M7November 2017pdf fileSarah Nexus
Understanding Negative Predictions in Derek Nexus - A Detailed WorkflowNovember 2017pdf fileDerek Nexus
Understanding Negative Predictions in Derek NexusNovember 2017pdf fileDerek Nexus
An Overview of Lhasa Limited Collaborative Data Sharing InitiativesOctober 2017pdf fileDerek NexusETOXExcipientsIntermediatesVitic Nexus
Advances in In Silico Skin Sensitisation Predictions Using Derek NexusOctober 2017pdf fileDerek Nexus
Acceptable Intake and Permitted Daily Exposure Data Sharing Project for Pharmaceutical ImpuritiesOctober 2017pdf file
ICH Quality Guidelines: An Implementation GuideOctober 2017
Mirabilis: Standardised Assessment of Purge FactorsOctober 2017pdf fileMirabilis
Negative Predictions for Skin Sensitisation 47th ICGMOctober 2017pdf fileDerek Nexus
The Future Direction of Lhasa LimitedOctober 2017pdf file
Lhasa Technology Update - Toward SaaSOctober 2017pdf file
Product Update - 47th ICGMOctober 2017pdf file

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