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A Look at Lhasa's Future Integrated WorkflowsMarch 2018pdf file
49th ICGM Product Manager UpdateMarch 2018pdf fileDerek NexusMeteor NexusMirabilisSarah NexusSetariaVitic NexusZeneth
Vitic: Lhasa’s Toxicity Information Management SystemMarch 2018pdf fileVitic Nexus
Strain profiles: Moving beyond binary Ames classificationMarch 2018pdf fileSarah Nexus
In Silico Prediction of DILI - Extraction of Histopathology Data from Preclinical Toxicity Data Studies of the eTOX Database for new In SIlico Models of HepatotoxicityMarch 2018pdf fileETOX
Addressing the Challenge of Making Negative Predictions for Skin SensitisationMarch 2018pdf fileDerek Nexus
Derek Nexus and the Prediction of Human Skin Sensitisation Potential: An EvaluationMarch 2018pdf fileDerek Nexus
A Defined Approach to Skin Sensitization Using Derek Nexus and Non-Animal AssaysMarch 2018pdf fileDerek Nexus
Leveraging Strain Information In Sarah Nexus PredictionsMarch 2018pdf fileSarah Nexus
Vitic BrochureMarch 2018pdf fileVitic Nexus
Skin sensitisation - What place does in silico have within a defined approach?March 2018pdf fileDerek Nexus
eTRANSAFE, a New Player in Translational Safety AssessmentMarch 2018pdf file
ICH M7 BrochureMarch 2018pdf fileDerek NexusSarah NexusVitic NexusZeneth
Beyond Simple Chemical Structure Similarity AssessmentFebruary 2018pdf file
Data Collection on Pharmacokinetic Parameters of Chemicals in the EU-ToxRisk ProjectFebruary 2018pdf file
Potential impurities in drug substances: Compound-specific toxicology limits for 20 synthetic reagents and by-products, and a class-specific toxicology limit for alkyl bromidesFebruary 2018
Setaria 1.2 Installation GuideFebruary 2018pdf fileDerek NexusSetaria
Setaria 1.2 Release NotesFebruary 2018pdf fileDerek NexusSetaria
Assessment and Reproducibility of Quantitative Structure–Activity Relationship Models by the NonexpertFebruary 2018
Derek and Sarah for Web Installation GuideFebruary 2018pdf file
In silico toxicity profiling of natural product compound libraries from African flora with anti-malarial and anti-HIV propertiesFebruary 2018Derek Nexus
Vitic PDE 2018.1.0 Release NotesJanuary 2018pdf fileVitic Nexus
Nexus 2.2: An Overview of Key New Features - Sarah NexusJanuary 2018Sarah Nexus
Nexus 2.2: An Overview of Key New Features - Derek and Meteor NexusJanuary 2018Derek NexusMeteor Nexus
Derek Web Service 6.0 Installation GuideJanuary 2018pdf fileDerek Nexus

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