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A defined Approach for Skin SensitisationApril 2019pdf file
Improving In Silico Predictions in Developmental and Reproductive ToxicologyMarch 2019pdf file
ICH M7 Perception: Unifying Knowledge from Predictions to PurgingMarch 2019pdf fileMirabilisSetariaDerek NexusSarah NexusVitic Nexus
Using In Silico Tools to Increase Confidence in Defined Approaches for Skin SensitisationMarch 2019pdf file
Developing AOP Networks and Making them UsefulMarch 2019pdf fileKaptis
The Road to EffirisMarch 2019pdf fileEffiris
Enhancing the ICH M7 Workflow Through SetariaMarch 2019pdf fileSetaria
A Case Study in Predicting hERG Activity using Multiple (Q)SARs and Data SourcesMarch 2019pdf fileEffiris
Development of an Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP) Network for Carcinogenicity Using Expert-Derived (Q)SAR Knowledge. PosterMarch 2019pdf fileDerek Nexus
How low can you go? An analysis of lowest effective dose in the Ames test.March 2019pdf file
Looking Under the Hood – Expert Review of In Silico Carcinogenicity Predictions.March 2019pdf fileDerek Nexus
Product Update ICGM PresentationMarch 2019pdf fileDerek NexusSarah Nexus
Lhasa's Scientific FutureMarch 2019pdf file
Beyond SEND: Leveraging non-clinical data to drive translational research forwardFebruary 2019
Avoiding hERG-liability in drug design via synergetic combinations of different (Q)SAR methodologies and data sources: a case study in an industrial settingFebruary 2019Sarah NexusDerek Nexus
Advance your knowledge of ICH M7 A virtual expert review workshopFebruary 2019Derek NexusSarah Nexus
Beyond Simple Chemical Structure Similarity Assessment (2)January 2019pdf fileMeteor Nexus
Data Collection on Pharmacokinetic Parameters of Chemicals in the EUToxRisk ProjectJanuary 2019pdf file
Vitic PDE 2019.1.0 Release NotesJanuary 2019pdf file
A defined approach for predicting skin sensitisation hazard and potency based on the guided integration of in silico, in chemico and in vitro data using exclusion criteriaJanuary 2019Derek NexusVitic Nexus
Setaria 2.0 Release NotesDecember 2018pdf fileSetaria
Setaria 2.0 Installation GuideDecember 2018pdf fileSetaria
Membership TypesDecember 2018pdf file
Principles and procedures for handling out-of-domain and indeterminate results as part of ICH M7 recommended (Q)SAR analysesDecember 2018
JPlogP: an improved logP predictor trained using predicted dataDecember 2018

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