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Helps to refine experiments, thereby contributing towards a reduction in animal testing.

Vitic Excipients is a pre-competitive data sharing project that enables collaborative sharing of vehicle toxicity data from company archives.
  • Created in 2008 and using Lhasa’s Vitic platform, Vitic Excipients is one of several projects initiated by Lhasa Limited that enables pre-competitive data sharing.
  • Partners share data on the effects of pharmaceutical excipients.


The Vitic Excipients project allows the anonymous sharing of excipient vehicle toxicity data amongst members of the project team. Data shared is predominantly from single and repeat dose studies. The following points provide a greater insight into the Vitic Excipients data sharing project:

  • Partners working on this project are sharing data on the effects of pharmaceutical excipients with the aim of refining experiments and contributing towards a reduction of animal numbers required for testing.
  • Constant member contributions mean that the database is ever growing. The Vitic Excipients 2023.1.0 database includes 3,942 total data records and 1,344 total structures.
  • Lhasa Limited acts as an honest broker and expertly curates the data from participating organisations. This allows a level of anonymity, whereby the submitting companies are known to each other, but who submitted what is known to Lhasa Limited only.
  • Data can be presented to regulatory bodies and treated as if it were the companies’ own, due to the fact that all donating parties are known to each other.
  • To assist with submissions, or when simply querying the information held within the database, members of the group are able to request the raw data via Lhasa Limited.


Members of the Vitic Excipients group include prominent members of the pharmaceutical industry and we are always happy to hear from interested parties. The benefits that can be achieved by joining the data sharing consortium include:

  • Time and Cost Savings: The sharing of data in regards to common excipients reduces duplication of data across companies, avoiding the need to repeat costly experiments.
  • Supporting REACH Submission: The high-quality data found within the Vitic Excipients database lends itself to the REACH initiative, allowing you to retrieve relevant information quickly and potentially avoid the need for costly experiments.
  • Utilise Proprietary Data: Joining this data sharing venture gives you the chance to make use of existing information that is not in the public domain.
  • Access High-Quality Data: The systematic peer-review process guarantees a high-quality dataset that you can be confident using.

Examples from members

  • The Excipients database has been used to expand an internal guide for studies in dogs. A query was run to return all excipients that had been used in dogs, and the XML report format was used to export this in an easy-to-read format.

Why Choose Lhasa?

Lhasa Limited - an honest broker and trusted holder of data

Lhasa is a not-for-profit organisation and believes that shared knowledge can lead to shared progress. Recognised as the original "Honest Broker", Lhasa Limited has repeatedly been trusted with proprietary data and this can be seen with our involvement in other collaborative data sharing projects.

Get involved

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