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eTRANSAFE Data Sharing Submission

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Data Information:

Data Type †*

Only one data type can be submitted per-Data Sharing Submission form. To donate multiple data types please complete additional Data Sharing Submission forms.

How would you prefer to send your data?

Shareability Status:

Subject to the provisions of the eTRANSAFE Consortium Agreement, the following table can be used to determine the shareability status of the data:

   Who can see the data: 
Data Donor Lhasa Limited Other eTRANSAFE participants  Public i.e. not restricted to eTRANSAFE use cases
Status of eTRANSAFE data:

Non-shareable Data

Data only accessible to the Donor and to Lhasa to perform its role as Honest Broker

 Yes  Yes  No  No

Partially-shareable Data

Data can be shared within the consortium however some data will have been redacted/obscured:

  • Chemical structure
  • Chemical code, internal compound code, name or reference
  • Pharmacological target
  • Indication(s)
  • Off target in-vitro panel
  • Company name or identifier

Data cannot be shared outside of the consortium.

 Yes  Yes   Yes  No

Fully-shareable Data

Data can be shared within the consortium (but not outside)

 Yes Yes Yes No

Public Data

Data use is not restricted

 Yes  Yes   Yes  Yes
Shareability Status*

Data Exchange Route:

Subject to the provisions of the eTRANSAFE Consortium Agreement (amendment 1) Lhasa Limited can share fully-shareable pre-clinical data through the eTRANSAFE pre-clinical database or through a secure FTP server (sFTP) which is available to the other parties of the eTRANSAFE consortium.

Please answer the question below if you selected fully-shareable above.

Please confirm how you would like Lhasa to share your fully-shareable data

^ By selecting to share this fully-shareable eTRANSAFE data submission through the sFTP data exchange route you accept that:

Lhasa Limited will share only the fully-shareable “as-donated” data which you have submitted in this data submission and which is within the scope of the data shared for the purposes of developing and/or populating the eTRANSAFE pre-clinical database.

Lhasa Limited will not:

  • Provide each project partner who wishes to gain access to the sFTP server with a unique username/password;
  • Monitor or understand the security or the technical infrastructure of the eTRANSAFE partner who may access and download to their local environment any data shared through the sFTP;
  • Undertake or provide information for an sFTP data access audit;
  • Monitor or manage the integrity of data exchanged though the sFTP;
  • Provide scientific or technical support for “as-donated” data exchanged though the sFTP;
  • Notify other eTRANSAFE partners or request confirmation that any copies of the data are deleted if you subsequently remove permission for your data to be shared through the sFTP.

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