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Dr Camilla Alexander-White

2 Camilla White Lhasa Limited Board Member


Current position on board of trustees:

Chairman (2021 - present)

Deputy Chairman (2019 - 2021)

Director/Trustee (2016 - present)

Affiliation/job title/status:

Programme Manager/Consultant Toxicologist 


Career history, education and experience:

Dr Camilla Alexander-White gained a BSc in Chemistry, Life Systems and Pharmaceuticals and a DPhil in Macromolecular Crystallography both from the University of York, which provided her with technical experience in computational modelling of biological and chemical interactions. Dr Alexander-White gained her foundations in molecular toxicology as a post-doctoral researcher at Imperial College, London where she investigated the chemical and metabolic mechanisms of skin sensitizers and mutagens. In 2001, Camilla published the book ‘Allergic Contact Dermatitis: Chemical & Metabolic Mechanisms’ (under her maiden name Camilla Smith), which postulated mechanisms of chemical reactivity, grouping of chemicals based on reactivity and proposed how skin sensitisers may be metabolised. She is a Eurotox Registered Toxicologist and Chartered Chemist.

Between 2000 and 2010, Dr Alexander-White worked for Unilever’s Safety & Environmental Assurance Centre as a Manager and Science Leader in the development of non-animal alternatives for chemicals safety assessment, working on the concepts of building in mechanism of action and adverse outcome pathways to skin sensitisation testing and safety assessment. She worked on skin penetration, developing peptide reactivity assays and designing skin metabolism studies. She devised and managed more than 20 research activities covering skin allergy and skin cancer endpoints, and was Team Leader of both the ADME and cheminformatics teams.

Dr Alexander-White is also an experienced chemicals risk assessor, and has been an advocate and innovator in using novel types of data in regulatory chemical safety assessment, including PBPK modelling data, human exposure metrics and in vitro data. She has worked in a variety of regulatory contexts, on consumer products and environmental chemicals. In 2010, she was appointed as Principal Toxicologist at the Environment Agency, where she produced scientific evidence for the development of UK environmental policy. Camilla worked as a Senior Manager for the global consultancy company Ramboll Environ between 2012-2016, where she led and delivered complex and challenging chemical safety projects for global clients and UK/EU regulatory authorities.

In 2016, Dr Alexander-White moved to the Royal Society of Chemistry as Programme Manager in Environment & Regulation, where she can bring her passions for chemistry, public safety and public benefit together, in devising a new programme of member-driven activities to show how chemistry can be used to inform regulatory policy and make better safety decisions. She also works as an independent consultant in foods and cosmetics safety assessment.

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