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eTOXsys – Highly relevant proprietary data and predictive models for drug development - A Demonstration

Schwab CH;

This video was produced as part of Lhasa Limited's vICGM series. Christof H. Schwab, from Molecular Networks, gives an in-depth demonstration of eTOXsys


The eTOX project has developed a drug safety database that holds unpublished toxicology reports donated by 13 members of the pharmaceutical industry and public toxicology data. The database currently includes over 1,800 substances and 7,000 studies which may be explored through a customised interface, eTOXsys. 

This new interface allows data mining for the dose-level effects for an API structure from this federated pre-clinical database across diverse pharmacological actions. Computational modellers have developed well documented and verified predictive models that are also accessible from within this interface for endpoints including ADME, organ toxicity and target safety pharmacology. These models have been built on a chemical space with high relevance to drug development and that has relevance for other industry sectors. The eTOX database is linked to an ontology which has been developed by pathologists and toxicologists and is integrated with the SEND and INHAND initiatives. 


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