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    Feb 2004
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    Tetrahedron Letters, 2004, 45(6), pp 1223-1226
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Bis-benzyl protected 6-amino cyclitols are poisonous to Pd/C catalysed hydrogenolysis of benzyl ethers

Akhtar M; Allemann RK; Surfraz B;

Pd/C and Pd(OH)2/C catalysts are both poisoned by bis-benzyl protected 6-aminocyclitols thereby inhibiting the hydrogenolysis of benzyl ethers but removing N-Cbz groups chemoselectively. This outcome was unaltered by the use of different hydrogen donors. Replacement of the C-6 nitrogen atom by oxygen resulted in the starting materials being fully deprotected under similar conditions. These findings add cyclitolamines to the list of amines/bases that are poisonous to Pd/C catalysts during hydrogenolysis.

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