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Fixes, Known Issues & Patches

The tabs below provide you with details of any known issues that have been fixed in the current version, and known issues that exist in the current version.


This page details the fixes made in Nexus 2.2.

Issue Number



LogP is now calculated correctly for the first structure entered into Nexus, when the structure has been pasted in as a SMILES string.


Previous Fixes

There were no fixes in Nexus 2.1.

Known Issues

The known issues for Nexus 2.2 are listed below.

Each known issue is identified with an issue number. Please reference this number when contacting Lhasa Limited about a published issue.

Issue Number



Whenever structures containing atoms with non-default valencies are dearomatised as part of structure standardisation, the specified valencies are not always preserved and the default valency may be used.


Please note that since Nexus 2.1, known issues are only published on the website, not in the Release Notes.

Previous Issues

Known issues for Nexus 2.1 are available from here.

Critical Patches

Nexus has been upgraded from version 2.2.0 to version 2.2.1. If you need to upgrade from Nexus 2.2.0 to Nexus 2.2.1, please contact Account Management.

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