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The Lhasa Cloud

Offering rapid access to Lhasa products via secure cloud technology.

  •  The Lhasa Cloud enables Lhasa members to access its software products on the basis of Software as a Service (SaaS), utilising cloud infrastructure.
  • The Lhasa Cloud offers rapid access to unique software solution but does not compromise on security

What is the Lhasa Cloud?

 The Lhasa Cloud enables Lhasa members to access its software products on the basis of Software as a Service (SaaS), utilising cloud infrastructure.

  • SaaS is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted.
  • Cloud computing has become firmly established as a platform for hosting products, services and data.

The Lhasa Cloud is part of Lhasa’s strategy to deliver what our members need in the future, now.

Read on to find out about the benefits the Lhasa Cloud can bring you.

What is Lhasa offering? 

Lhasa is delivering some of its products into the Lhasa Cloud as SaaS using Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology. Currently, both Mirabilis and Vitic are available through the Lhasa Cloud and further Lhasa products will be available in the future.

Lhasa is introducing cloud versions of its products in parallel to the existing desktop and server versions (which will continue to be an option for all member organisations irrespective of where they are in their cloud adoption journey). Regardless of how members choose to access Lhasa software, they will continue to receive the outstanding technical support and training they have become accustomed to. However, users of the Lhasa Cloud will receive extra benefits as detailed below.

Lhasa has offered Vitic as SaaS for some time; however, after extensive discussions with its members, Lhasa is using Amazon Web Service (AWS) to increase the benefits experienced. These conversations involved the scientists who use our software first hand, and key IT representatives. AWS is widely used by the pharmaceutical industry because of its exceptional security, scale and global reach. You can find out more about AWS on their website.


AstraZeneca was the first Lhasa member to adopt Mirabilis through the Lhasa Cloud. Dr. Andrew Teasdale, Senior Principal Scientist at AstraZeneca said:

“Being able to implement Mirabilis efficiently and effectively without the need for new hardware is a huge positive in allowing us to leverage this important tool”.

Lhasa believes that "SaaS is set to be a game changer for the pharmaceutical sector, delivering scalability and agility and lowering the cost of software that enables the delivery of safe, effective and life enhancing medicines and other products to market earlier.

By deploying Mirabilis and Vitic as SaaS using AWS technology, we can scale the architecture to deliver consistent performance, regardless of the number of software users, and ensure security is front and centre of our product offering.

Lhasa’s SaaS offering will also allow us to deliver faster resolution of support requests and, because Lhasa will be managing all the updates and upgrades, users will get access to the latest features and knowledge without having to wait for their internal IT teams.” (Dr. James Willans, former Chief Technology Officer for Lhasa Limited)

How will you benefit? 

  • Information security – The Lhasa Cloud has been developed with information security as a priority, ensuring the integrity of your data.
  • Rapid access to unique solutions – Products are ready to use immediately upon subscription, with no need to go through a lengthy internal installation process. This reduces the time taken to benefit from Lhasa’s solutions.
  • Faster delivery of new features – Updates will be implemented automatically by Lhasa, giving you immediate access to cutting-edge science and enhanced features.
  • Enhanced user experience – Our proactive monitoring of the Lhasa Cloud ensures that the service delivers consistently for you when you need it.
  • Universal cost savings – Using the Lhasa Cloud could result in lower IT hardware and time costs, as well as a reduced need for third-party licenses which may be needed to host and install software internally. These costs will be managed by Lhasa.

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