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Vitic: A Faster, More Efficient, Searching Experience.

Date: 27 June 2018

Vitic Nexus

The chemical database and information management system already marks its spot in the industry, used by many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemistry-related organisations, providing rapid response access to high-quality toxicity data from both published and proprietary sources.

Lhasa Limited is a not-for-profit and educational charity that creates state-of-the-art in silico prediction and database systems. Lhasa has been an advocate for collaborative data sharing for over 30 years and specialises in the development of expert computer systems for toxicity and metabolism prediction. Vitic represents one of a number of first-rate solutions from Lhasa; its relaunch highlights Lhasa’s dedication to continual progress of both the organisation and industry. Lhasa is a pioneer in the production of such systems and is proud to provide a catalyst for innovation in drug development via the provision of state-of-the-art in silico systems.

Vitic boasts many new features including its new and improved   querying functionality, which has been optimised to improve the speed of the application, both in terms of the ease with which users can build their query, and the speed with which data records are returned. In turn, this enables greater flexibility to execute more complex queries.

This enhancement is also reflected in the export functionality, with advances in both the speed and ease of report generation, Vitic offers users the option to generate PDF reports for any number of records.

The Vitic user interface has been redesigned to provide a more intuitive user experience. The new views include:

  • Typed query builder
  • Drag and drop query builder
  • Live structure and record counts as the query is built
  • Query saving
  • A redesigned results page.

Vitic still offers the ability to export data as PDF, CSV and SDF reports, which can be archived, put into data visualisation or data management software.

In addition to key performance updates, Lhasa have implemented additional high-quality data records from public and proprietary sources, giving users access to a larger variety of data and thus aiding in their time provision and cost management.

 The 2018.1.0 database contains the following data:

  • New data records = 49,228
  • Total data records = 483,352
  • New substances = 68
  • Total substances = 20,580.

Data has been added to the following toxicity tables:

  • Acute Toxicity
  • Carcinogenicity
  • Eye Irritation
  • Genetic Toxicity In-Vitro
  • Genetic Toxicity In-Vivo
  • Genetox In-Vitro
  • Overall Call
  • Sensitisation
  • Skin Irritation In-Vitro
  • Skin Sensitisation Summary

The new version of Vitic offers users rapid and reliable data to aid in the development of their work. Vitic is a quick and inexpensive way to identify potentially toxic chemicals and reject unsuitable drug candidates. Whether your industry is in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals or academia, Vitic enables you to evaluate the potential toxicity of existing or prospective chemicals through exploitation of large chemical libraries.

And, as if an improved performance user interface, surplus quality data and rapid response wasn’t enough, Vitic continues to offer expert ICH M7 support to help in meeting regulatory requirements.

New Vitic is available now. Contact Sales to find out more or read the Release Notes in the library.



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    Vitic, Lhasa Limited’s chemical database and information management system, is relaunched today, boasting improvements to data quantity and user interface performance.

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