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Mirabilis 3.0 has been released to members today

Date: 02 May 2018


Mirabilis 3.0 has been released to members today.

Knowledge Base Updates

There have been many updates to the knowledge base, including the addition of new impurity classes and new reaction classes. Lhasa expert scientists have also updated many cells in the knowledge matrix to contain a predicted reactivity purge factor. This includes a description of the reactivity of the impurity under standard conditions of the reaction class, references, and example reactions from scientific publications.

Other knowledge such as commonly used reagents, mechanisms, conditions and important intermediates, have also been added to existing reaction classes.

Software Updates

In terms of the software itself, many improvements have been implemented in this version of Mirabilis. For example, work is now periodically autosaved and there is also a timeout warning message before a user is logged out of Mirabilis. There have been changes made to reports, which now contain more information, and route management has been enhanced.

Furthermore, the online help has been redesigned and updated and contains the following features:

  • Tutorials
  • Video Tutorials
  • Glossary
  • What's New

Mirabilis users can read about all of the knowledge base and software updates in the current Release Notes.

  • Summary:

    Mirabilis 3.0 has been released to members today, featuring updates to the knowledge base and also improvements to the software interface. 

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