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Aromatic Amines 2018.1 Release

Date: 18 July 2018

Aromatic Amines Lhasa Vitic Data Sharing

Lhasa Limited is a not-for-profit organisation and educational charity that specialises in the development of state-of-the-art in silico computer systems for the prediction of toxicity, metabolism and degradation. Well positioned within Lhasa’s structure searchable database Vitic, the Aromatic Amines project aims to improve the understanding and predictability of the Ames test outcome for primary aromatic amines. The project is one of several projects initiated by Lhasa that enables pre-competitive data sharing.

Aromatic amines are widely used in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, but are often found to have mutagenic activity, and the prediction of such activity has proven difficult. In 2012, Lhasa identified the need for a collaboration initiative, and thus formed the Aromatic Amines project, to improve the understanding and predictability of the Ames test outcome for primary aromatic amines. The now well developed and recognised project, consists of contributing pharmaceutical companies that aim to participate in the building of a database that enables the development of improved predictive models.

In addition to acting as a catalyst for the alleviation of notoriously difficult predictions of Ames activity, the Aromatic Amines project allows participants in the consortium to:

  • Advance the knowledge of aromatic amines, actively helping the progression towards more accurate predictions.
  • Access high-quality and peer-reviewed data through Lhasa’s trusted dataset.
  • Develop informed expert assessments and add weight to expert reviews under ICH M7.
  • Access data that is not in the public domain.
  • Save time and costs by reducing duplication of data across companies.
  • Search for chemically similar compounds in Vitic, and thus inform decisions in the synthesis planning process, avoiding problematic compounds and unnecessary testing.

Built on over 30 years of experience, Lhasa believes that shared knowledge leads to shared progress, and is committed to the development and use of computer-aided reasoning and information systems for the advancement of chemistry and the life sciences. Demonstrating the organisations culture for progress and innovation through collaboration, Lhasa has initiated many collaborative and data sharing projects aiding progression in a number of key regulatory areas, including ICH M7 and ICH Q3D.  

The Aromatic Amines project allows a crucial and rare insight into shared data, which is derived from Ames mutagenicity assays performed on aromatic amines. Constant member contributions mean that the database is ever growing and with this latest release, consists of:

  • 778 Substances
  • 11,280 Genetic Toxicity In-Vitro records and 23,496 associated Dose-response Data supplementary records.
  • 778 summary records in the Ames Calls tables and 6,070 Subset Calls supplementary table records.

Lhasa Limited acts as an honest broker and expertly curates the data from participating organisations. This allows a level of anonymity, whereby the submitting companies are known to each other, but who submitted what, is only known to Lhasa. The new release into the Aromatic Amines project demonstrates continued initiative and Lhasa’s commitment to collaboration.

To find out more, contact Lhasa’s Sales Team.


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    Lhasa Limited release more data into its Aromatic Amines project initiative.

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