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Sponsorship and Funding

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Lhasa Limited's charitable aims include the sponsorship of activities that advance scientific knowledge and understanding and we regularly support computational chemistry events and initiatives that are of interest to Lhasa Limited members and the wider scientific community.


At Lhasa Limited we proactively seek opportunities to sponsor suitable activities. If you are interested in applying for sponsorship from Lhasa Limited please write with full details to the Marketing Team.

If you are interested in working with Lhasa Limited and would like to know more about opportunities to collaborate please get in touch:


Sponsorship Opportunities

Lhasa Limited will consider all applications for sponsorship on their individual merits however some examples of the types of support available are given below:

  • Conferences or conference sessions
  • Workshops or training events
  • Student prizes or bursaries
  • Relevant research and development projects.
Conference hall

Lhasa Limited often sponsors conferences and events.


Lhasa Limited also sponsors scientific workshops and training.


Research Funding

Lhasa Limited welcomes proposals from academic and charitable organisations for funding research topics of mutual interest. Such collaborations may be PhD projects, post-doctoral research projects, KTP projects or other impromptu research efforts.  We may consider funding or part-funding, such proposals.    

Received proposals are considered on various criteria, including:

  • Scientific merit
  • Originality
  • Strategic fit with Lhasa’s objectives and charitable aims
  • Appropriateness of the time, resources and methodologies suggested for the project.  

Proposals are reviewed on a quarterly basis and feedback will be provided on all proposals received.


Sponsorship of students and contribution of our own expertise to promote the science of toxicology is one of our charitable activities and something that we are not only committed to, but also extremely passionate about.

Examples of scientists that have been awarded a scholarship from Lhasa Limited include:


Prize-winners for the University of Leeds "Introduction to Toxicology" module include:


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