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5 October 2016



Webinar - Assessment of predictive performance of publicly available structural alert sets for (Ames test) Mutagenicity


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This Webinar will be composed of two different, but related presentations on the topic of: Assessment of predictive performance of publicly available structural alert sets for (Ames test) mutagenicity

Part 1

Are these alerting structures an appropriate aid in the expert analysis of two complementary QSAR predictions? 

Dr. Alun Myden

It has been suggested that literature based alerting structures for Mutagenicity are an appropriate tool for the expert analysis of two complementary in silico mutagenicity predictions (in line with ICH M7). This presentation gives a broad overview of the predictive performance of one such example of literature based alerting structures as well as relative impact using these alerting structures has on two complementary in silico mutagenicity predictions. 

Part 2

Carbamates, QSAR predictions and ICH M7 classification; making use of expert knowledge 

Dr. Rachel Hemingway

Carbamates have been highlighted in the literature as a functional group associated with DNA reactivity. Currently there is no structural alert for in vitro mutagenicity in Derek Nexus for the carbamate chemical class as a whole. This study assesses the impact such an alert would have on the predictive performance of a QSAR system (Derek and Sarah Nexus) for the Ames test and subsequent ICH M7 classification.

This webinar will commence at 16.00 BST and will last approximately 1 hour. 

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