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A day in the life of a Business Support Manager at Lhasa Limited

24 November 2022

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A day in the life of a Business Support Manager   Oana

Hello, my name is Oana Leonte, and I work in the Business Support Team at Lhasa Limited as a Business Support Manager.

In my role I provide support to many different functions across the organisation. My role is very varied and relies on attention to detail and organisational skills to accommodate travel bookings and events planning, amongst other areas of support.

Read on to discover what a day in the life of a Business Support Manager at Lhasa can look like!



I am not a morning person; I like to prepare myself both mentally and physically before starting my work. I usually wake up at around 7.00am and take some time to enjoy my latte and get ready before starting my workday.


First things first, I will check my emails and make a plan for the day. In the morning, I like to have a catch-up with my teammate, Faith, to prioritize our work in the Business Support Team, for example, travel support requests, refunds, or any tasks related to conferences. A daily catch-up is very important as it allows us to share ideas and make decisions.


Toward the year-end period, we have several conversations about the Business Support Team’s objectives for the next year. These objectives include, but are not limited to, general internal administration and communication, travel administration and budgeting, conferences planning, and internal projects and collaborations.

I enjoy having thought-provoking meetings in the mornings as, alongside a good coffee, some colleague interaction and daily planning, it helps me to feel better prepared for a productive and efficient day ahead.


My day varies at this point. I could be in meeting or completing tasks that are related to travel or conferences.



After all of my morning tasks and meetings, I usually start to feel hungry. At Lhasa we love to celebrate different cultures through food, and often host culture lunches in our big upstairs kitchen. Organised by the lunch club (which I am involved in) people bring along different ingredients to cook with and we prepare food native to a certain culture for all to experience and enjoy. So far, we have enjoyed a Brazilian, Iranian, American, and English culture lunch!

Our culture lunches are also a great opportunity to chat with people from different departments, share new ideas and learn new things!


Currently, the Business Support Team is undertaking a lot of 2023 planning. To support the business with 2023 conferences, Faith and I will be organising and planning for many of these events. This involves, making registrations, managing logistics, organising accommodation, booking travel, and more.  


In busy periods I would block out work-focus time in the calendar to concentrate on individual projects. For example, today I put my time into working on a Solution Central Page in SharePoint. This project is an interesting one, as it allows me to use my creativity.

4.00pm – 5.00pm

I like to go through all my tasks and emails again before ending a day of work, to ensure all the high-prioritised tasks have been managed.

Being well-organised and having strong planning skills are the keys to success in my role. Many of the events we support involve different parts and procedures, therefore, making sure every part of this process is completed prior to the conference makes for a smoother event on the day.  I believe a clear and detailed plan allows my team to be more efficient and productive.



On days where I am feeling particularly productive, I like to work a little bit later in the office. The office is quieter after 5pm which means I am able to concentrate a little better.


In the wintertime, I like to go for a swim or to the gym after work. I am usually ready for bed at around 11.00pm. Before going to sleep, I love to listen to my Audible!

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