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A day in the life of a Business Partnerships Manager at Lhasa Limited

30 August 2022

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A day in the life of a Business Partnerships Manager - Raeesah Saddiq

Hi, my name is Raeesah and I work in the Business Partnerships Team here at Lhasa Limited!

My role as a Business Partnerships Manager involves connecting and collaborating with industry professionals around the world!

A big part of my role is showcasing our fantastic software solutions to prospective members, this includes providing software demonstrations and setting up evaluation periods so potential members can try out our solutions for themselves.

Other aspects of my role include providing quotations, negotiating legal agreements and distributing software to new members, so my day-to-day responsibilities can be incredibly varied!

I am also lucky to be able to travel for my role, attending conferences and visiting prospective members on site. Traveling is one of the favourite parts of my job!

Read on to discover what a typical day in the life of a Business Partnerships Manager working from home on a Tuesday looks like!



I am very much a night owl, and mornings are not typically my favourite part of the day. I usually wake up at around 9:00am, get ready and have breakfast (coffee is a must), so I can start work at 10.00am.


If you are reading this on the Lhasa Limited Website, you might notice a little speech bubble in the bottom right-hand-side corner of the page. This little speech bubble is a live chat feature that allows our website users to get in touch with a member of our Applied Sciences Team quickly and easily. Today, I'm monitoring the LiveChat, so I will log into here first!

Next, I will check my emails and prioritise my inbox. I respond to any high priority emails at this time, and I may set timed reminders for some emails which can wait until the afternoon or another day.

An example of a high priority email is a query received through our website from somebody interested in using our software solutions to help them in their workflow. I reply and schedule a call to discuss their requirements and advise on how we can help.


Next, I need to enable a trial of our software for a prospective member. To allow this I will send instructions on how to download and activate our software. A trial usually lasts for 30 days, and I will be on hand to support them throughout this period.

Once this is done, I am back in my inbox responding to some emails. I am attending a conference in a few months, so I will check which prospective members are close by the venue and see whether they would like an on-site face-to-face meeting. An on-site visit is a great way to connect with companies and form relationships, (visiting beautiful places around the world is an added bonus!).

I will then take a short break away from my screens. This can involve a quick venture out into the garden or putting a load of washing on.



I prefer to schedule any internal meetings I have in the afternoon, as this is what works best for me. Today I am discussing an upcoming webinar with a project team, but I could also be mentoring another colleague, planning for upcoming trips, or having a 1-2-1 meeting with my manager.


I take a short lunch break at this time. I am not very hungry in the middle of the day, so I may grab a cereal bar, a piece of fruit, or my current favourite, peanut butter, and banana slices on toast!


It is now 9:00am EDT, and people on the East Coast of the US are beginning their workday.

I work with a lot of companies in this part of the world, so I typically have meetings with them at this time. The company I am speaking with today need help with adhering to the ICH M7 guideline, so I have booked in 90 minutes to show them a demonstration of Lhasa’s solutions and how we can help them meet this. I love speaking to prospective members, especially when the meeting goes well – they love the software and are interested in a trial!

After the call, I send across the slides I used in the meeting and any actions I took away, such as a copy of the evaluation agreement which is required before the trial can begin. I also write up my notes from the meeting whilst they are fresh in my mind.


The last two hours of my day involve wrapping up any outstanding tasks, catching up on emails and planning for the next day. I am most productive towards the end of the day, so I can get a lot done during this time! We have a Business Partnerships Team Catch up on Wednesdays, which I often lead, so I prepare my notes and write down the most exciting and interesting thing I did this week to share with the team, (which may be a meeting, a new member joining Lhasa or a task I completed) before logging off for the day.



Time to start preparing dinner! Today it is quesadillas, after which I tidy up the kitchen and head to my spin class for 7.15pm.


Spin class done, I come home, have a shower, and get into my pyjamas for the night. If I am working from the office the next day, I will mentally plan my outfit and get my bag organised.

Then I will indulge in an episode or two of a TV show I am watching whilst doing some life admin, and I head to bed at around 11.00pm. I like to read before I go to sleep so I will make my way through a few chapters (and a couple of extra under the guise of “just one more”), before I hit the lights around 12.00am.

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