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A day in the life of a Senior Application Scientist at Lhasa Limited


Hi, I’m Jess and I work in Lhasa’s Applied Sciences team.

My role as a Senior Application Scientist requires me to have comprehensive knowledge about many different products and processes. One day I could be dealing with complex software based queries from one of our members, the next I could be discussing a very specific scientific principle. It’s certainly a learning curve, but very rewarding!

Usually, the role of an Application Scientist at Lhasa warrants quite a lot of travel – we tend to be away for (on average) one week out of every five. Obviously, life has changed quite drastically since 2020, so what you are about to read is an example of a Monday working from home.



One great thing about Lhasa is how flexible our working hours are. As I’m more of a night owl, I don’t tend to start my day until around 9:30am. I will wake up, and have a shower and a coffee to make sure I don’t look too tired on my first web call of the day.

Sometimes I’ll be up earlier than this due to time differences in our members’ locations. For example, when I meet with members from our accounts in India, I tend to arrange these meetings for 9:00am as it works better for everyone. I’ve previously had meetings that have started as early as 6:30am, but thankfully not many!


At 10am I have a daily stand up with the Nexus solution team. Working on a solution is very fulfilling as it allows me to see how different sides of the business work (such as Software Development and Testing). It also gives me a great opportunity to see any updates to the software that are in progress, as well as being able to provide a voice for our members’ opinions on new features/knowledge.


Around this time, my day starts to vary quite a lot – I could be in a member meeting, I could be on support (monitoring the support inbox and answering calls). I usually also check and respond to my internal emails during this time.



My stomach usually makes itself heard around 12.30, at which point I’ll whip up something for lunch. If I have time, I’ll go for a walk down the canal to clear my head ready for the afternoon.


Again, this section of my day is quite varied. It usually involves responding to more support requests/solution related emails/general member queries. I make sure that I am regularly reaching out to members for training meetings in order to ensure that they are getting the most out of the software. This is a huge part of my role, particularly following software releases.


I usually use this time to meet with members at the US/South American sites as it works well for everyone.


Once a week, we have our Application Scientists stand up meeting. This is where the whole team get together and  chat about our plans for the week, and any other outstanding Application Scientist business, for example, project releases/news, webinars etc. These sessions are really valuable and are a great opportunity to get a clearer picture of how our individual actions and meetings work together to form the great team that is Applied Sciences.


I take this time to review my support cases and any tasks I need to take forwards into the next day. I also use this time to write up my meeting notes in our CRM system. These notes are important as they allow non-member facing staff to keep up to date with feature requests or any areas of scientific interest.



I’m usually just about finishing my working day at this time. Whilst deciding what to have for dinner, I make a start on any life admin tasks that need doing (e.g. washing, cleaning, food shopping, fixing whatever has fallen off my car this week).

Then it’s on to cooking! My housemate and I enjoy having themed food nights every week and take it in turns to cook our favourite dishes.


Pub time! The pub opposite Lhasa’s head offices in Leeds, UK has a great quiz on Monday nights. As a social person, I really enjoy being around other people again, especially after lockdown!


Off to bed.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career with Lhasa, then why not check out our Careers Page, and start your Life at Lhasa today?

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