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Nazanin Golbamaki, Senior Research Scientist

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Name: Dr. Nazanin Golbamaki

Job Title: Senior Research Scientist

I’m Nazanin, senior research scientist at Lhasa Limited. I am the scientific lead for internal efforts to develop in silico pharmacokinetic models suitable to inform predictions of toxicity.

My education and credentials include a doctor of pharmacy from the University of Milan and a PhD in computational chemistry from Mario Negri Institute of Pharmaceutical Research (IRFMN) in Italy. Prior to joining Lhasa Limited I have served as a Marie Curie, early stage researcher at Jackson State University (JSU) in the USA, as a research fellow at IRFMN in Italy and most recently as a post-doctoral researcher at the national centre of environmental protection (INERIS) and national research centre of scientific research (CNRS) in France.

Throughout my scientific work, I have explored questions of pharmacokinetics and the potential of what we can leverage from a great wealth of (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion) ADME data. I developed advocacy and research initiatives to address dataset collection, quantum chemical descriptors calculation and predictive models (QSAR) for toxicity endpoints for chemicals and nanomaterials.

Inspiration comes from everyone I met throughout the years of study and work, from the friends and amazing mentors who have inspired me along the way to the incredible leaders I work with today who have shown me how people can foster a culture of innovation and courage.

Outside work I have interest for human rights and anthropology. I am intrigued by exploring different cultures and the history of art around the world.


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