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Liz Covey-Crump, Director of Business Development

Name: Dr. Liz Covey-Crump

Job Title: Director of Business Development

Get in Touch: businessdevelopment@lhasalimited.org

Hi I’m Liz and I am the Director of Business Development at Lhasa Limited.

Before coming to work at Lhasa in December 2003 I did my first degree in Biochemistry and Biological Chemistry at the University of Nottingham. After this I travelled to Borneo and Uganda to do some conservation studies which involved measuring trees, counting orangutan nests and catching small rodents and bats amongst other things. I then started a job on a graduate management program with a logistics company called Christian Salvesen which I did for a year. However I missed science too much so decided to do a PhD in Plant Biochemistry at the University of York. After completing the PhD I came to Lhasa to work as a sales executive which is a great job. After working in Sales for about 5 years, I proposed the business development role as there were various activities which were not officially covered by other roles.

I’ve now been in business development for over 6 years and it is a very interesting and enjoyable role. In business development we look after regulatory accounts and collaborations, we also bring in the new projects/products and oversee these until they are handed over to the operations team.

Outside of work I’d love to say that I have lots of hobbies and this was once the case, however I am now too busy looking after my two lovely children. Occasionally I manage to go for a slow run.


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