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Lisa Whincup, Senior Technical Author

Name: Lisa Whincup

Job Title: Senior Technical Author

Hi, my name is Lisa Whincup and I am the Senior Technical Author at Lhasa Limited. After studying Psychology and Computer Science in Liverpool, I became an IT trainer, delivering training courses in Microsoft Office, Visual Basic, Dreamweaver and other applications that were popular in the 1990s. In this role I found myself writing the courseware I then used to deliver the training and I soon realised that I preferred writing to training.

After deciding on a career change, I secured my first full-time technical authoring role in 1998. After 4.5 years’ experience as a Technical Author in the finance and manufacturing industries, and a bit of time out to visit countries I hadn’t seen before, I joined Lhasa Limited in September 2004.

I was very attracted to Lhasa as an organisation because of its ethical values, charitable status and its desire to reduce animal use in experiments.

My previous technical authoring experience, coupled with my training in software development, enables me to translate complex software functionality into clearly presented step-by-step instructions and tutorial videos within the documentation. The documentation continually evolves at Lhasa and currently includes:

  • Tutorials on key or challenging functionality. Tutorials can be created as needed and members are encouraged to suggest topics for tutorials to keep them current and useful.
  • Help that is now decoupled from the software and published online, allowing for mid-cycle updates and timely corrections.
  • Release notes detailing the new software and knowledge/database features as well as software issues and fixes are included in distribution emails as well as being available from our website.
  • Clear installation instructions are available from our website.
  • A restricted area of our website, for members only, which has lots of useful information and is updated regularly. Information includes everything that is included in the release notes, plus any new issues reported post-release; recent and on-going knowledge base work and a list of the data sources referenced in the Vitic database.

I love working at Lhasa but I also enjoy life outside the office. On dry days you will almost certainly find me outside, be it on a walk, in the park or pottering around the garden. During the long cold months I take on far too many DIY jobs and all year round I practice yoga.

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