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This FAQs section details frequently asked questions about the ICH M7 guidelines. For FAQs on Lhasa products, please refer to the relevant product area.
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The guidelines state that "Two (Q)SAR prediction methodologies that complement each other should be applied. One methodology should be expert rule-based and the second methodology should be statistical based." What methodologies do Lhasa Limited provide?

Lhasa Limited is able to offer you an integrated solution that provides you with predictions for both methodologies.

  • Derek Nexus - an expert rule-based system for the prediction of toxicity.
  • Sarah Nexus - a statistical system for the prediction of mutagenicity.

Derek Nexus and Sarah Nexus can be run from within the same Nexus interface to simplify your workflow, however it is important to remember that they are completely separate systems, providing completely independent predictions and reports.


Lhasa Limited also provides:

  • Zeneth - to assist in the identification of degradants
  • Vitic - to assist in the data review
For a suggested workflow, please refer to Figure 1 in our ICH M7 brochure.
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